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Johann Bessler, also known by his pseudonym, ORFFYREUS, is famous for having claimed to have invented a perpetual motion machine - way back in 1712! New evidence suggests we should take his claims seriously. Although he died a pauper, still maintaining that his machine was real, he did say that he would rather die in poverty than just give his secret away. He added that if he could not sell his machiner and achieve the price he required he would trust that he would receive his reward posthumously. In furtherance of this wish he included numerous hints that his many published and unpublished works contain clues through which his machine might one day be rebuilt.

This web site consists of a number of speculations regarding his work. Each button will take you to a description of a different item which I believe is an example of an encoded piece of information. Despite the fact that the opinions expressed here are the result of logical deduction, not all of my deductions rest on the kind of solid proof sought by scientists, but nevertheless they might well stand up in a court of law. They are, rather, based on circumstantial evidence. I am satisfied with the evidence because of my familiarity with Besslerís thought processes, but I understand if some visitors to this site find my conclusions unproven in their current state.

The codes outlined here are only a fraction of the ones I have found so far and I donít think I have found all of them yet - and I certainly havenít decoded all of those I have found.

Bessler claimed that he had invented a perpetual motion machine in 1712 and there has never been any evidence produced that nullifies his claims - none that is, apart from the laws of physics which appear to rule out such devices. Those laws are inviolate so there must be a way achieving a working gravitywheel which does not come into conflict with them - and there is.

Please feel free to use these ideas in public discussion. All I aks is that you attrribute their source to me, John Collins, the author.

For more information about Johann Bessler and to obtain copies of his books with English translations go to www.free-energy.co.uk

Copyright © 2009 John Collins.



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