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Having searched through the whole book and found little that was immediately obviously a clue, except the final two drawings, MT 137, and the one I call the ‘toys’ page, numbered 138-139-140-141. I was struck by an apparent coincidence. The drawings contained within the book are accompanied by brief notes commenting on each design, but these stop at drawing number 55. What a coincidence! Was there anything to be discovered within drawing 55?

MT55MT55+ pent

Above, left is MT 55, on the right is an enlarged portion showing the relevant part of the drawing. The two slanting lines above and below the letter ‘A’ appear to be part chords of circle. Extending the lower line to the centre of the adjoining circle completes the chord. Extending it to the right to the edge of the right hand large circle and performing a similar action on the upper line, produces two of the chords of a pentagon. From the centre of the left circle another line drawn upwards to pass along the rim of the right circle and similarly with a downwards line from the same centre along the rim of the same circle gives two more chords for a pentagon. It appears that Bessler stopped adding the notes after number 54, perhaps encouraging further study of number 55.

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