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Another minor but important anomaly lies in the way Bessler wrote his upper case As, in Maschinen Tractate. The letters take two forms and sometimes with a straight crossbar, sometimes with decisively bent one. This is almost exclusively confined to the drawings in his Maschinen Tractate and this particular anomaly is obvious if apparently inexplicable. There are approximately 52 straight crossbar As and approximately 105 with a bent one. I have reason to believe that the two types were included, often within the same illustration, to draw attention to them. Why? Because they form an important feature of the mechanism?

A capitals1

There is also an oddity about the numbering of the woodcuts. Bessler included the number of each illustration in his woodcuts, like that in the above illustration, number 83. These are present up to and including number 104. They are of a similar style except for the numbers 52, 72, 92 and 102. In each of these cases the number two is drawn to look like a Z. All other examples of the letter two are shown in the usual curved way.

MT Nos

To solve this puzzle we need to look at the identified numbers to see what is special about them with relevance to Bessler. The twos help to point to their accompanying partners, namely 50,70,90 and 10 or 100. The first and most obvious fact is that the number 5 is identifiable. The only other numbers are the following odd numbers, 7 and 9. My guess is that ten is included as double five. Why would this be done, I wondered. It seems to me that ever since I discovered the pentagon and the ubiquity of the number 5, that Bessler seemed to be suggesting that his wheel would not work with an even number of weights and that 5 was the ideal number. So 7 and 9 weights would also work but might be difficult to fit in to a wheel.

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